Wilderness Quest 2020

One Warriors Journey Native American Vision Quests have always fascinated me. In traditional indigenous cultures, rites of passage served to mark and celebrate major life transitions. These ceremonial events took place within a framework of meaning that was supported by myth, social structure and spiritual practice. Young people were then encouraged to ask essential questions...

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Breathwork And Flow

A flow state arises when we are using our skills to tackle engaging challenges in our lives. When we’re in a dropped in state, allowing our energies to flow out, easily receiving love and support, feeling grounded in our bodies, then it’s easy to draw upon and improve our skills, and to meet challenges with energy and enthusiasm.

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Thriving in both professional and personal environments

Optimizing performance in both professional and personal environments requires self-leadership. XCamp is designed to facilitate the rediscovery of self and create opportunity and potential for peak human performance. 

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The Power of Alignment

The device is disconnected, the noise of the city recedes, you breathe deeply the crisp mountain air and you start to feel it; you stand a little straighter and plant your feet a little firmer in the ground - you are aligning to the environment around you. Suddenly things are clearer, simpler, you have more access to your creative magic.

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