A flow state arises when we are using our skills to tackle engaging challenges in our lives.

When we’re in a dropped in state, allowing our energies to flow out, easily receiving love and support, feeling grounded in our bodies, then it’s easy to draw upon and improve our skills, and to meet challenges with energy and enthusiasm.

During Breathwork facilitation, I often remind my clients how beautiful and freeing it is to receive support, to feel nourished, feel in flow, grounded, vibrant and alive. These states are not ‘achieved’ states, but rather the underlying baseline that we are all designed to experience.

The main blocks to flow are our hurried lifestyles, the endless procession of distraction and the misalignment that comes from living in reaction to social conditioning rather than responding to what our body actually wants.

So many of us are disconnected from our bodies. We may have learned early on that it wasn’t safe to be in our bodies.

If you don’t use it, you lose it; and many of us have atrophied our abilities to feel and to express emotion. But that doesn’t mean that those emotions won’t arise; they still do, but the energy gets stuck in our bodies, creating mental and physical stagnancy.

Breathwork reconnects the plumbing in our systems and clears whatever is in the way. Our bodies our always moving towards healing, flow and ease. When we engage in conscious connected breathing, we’re signalling to our bodies that’s it’s safe to let go of our tendencies to check-out, to overanalyze, or otherwise numb out and bear down on life.

Breathwork gives us the “green light” that emotions are welcome. It’s safe just to be, to allow whatever energy, thought or experience to pass through to do just that. The body can again begin to respond to its environment in a natural way.

Getting back into a flow state at that point is easy – it doesn’t require massive effort. We all LOVE challenge, we love to be engaged, to express our passions and skills and move our energy. It feels so good!

If you’re feeling burnt out and haven’t dropped into that flow state in longer than you can remember – breathwork can help. Nothing in your life is broken. Your body is simply listening to an unhelpful track, stuck on repeat. Nothing dramatic needs be done to drop the volume on that track. Just breathe and reconnect with the natural harmony that has and always will live within you.