Flow Session

JUNE 24, 2021


Brent Martin
Director of Mischief

Robin Clements
Breathwave Founder, Bodyworker, Healer


Our intention is to stoke souls and awaken the spirits of everyone attending. We want everyone to leave feeling fully connected to themselves and each other. If you would like we could arrange a follow up zoom call after the event (1-2weeks) to check in and make sure everyone has any support they want or need.


Brent and Robin arrive and get set up


Opening Circle


Flow and Flow Cycles


Struggle Flow Session

    1. A unique session integrating our most precious practices including yoga, Qi Gong, Breath and meditation
    2. Cold Water Plunge and Cliff Jump

Release Flow Session

    1. Pranayama Breath-work
    2. Meditation in the forest, or by the ocean.



Deep Flow Session

A time to move, breathe and integrate what we have done into activities that everyone can try. For example: slacklines, balancing props, movement with balls and sticks, deep nature connection. Really its an opportunity for everyone to step into something that pushes their edge. I can offer several neuro tech wearable devices to elevate, measure or stimulate new neuro pathways. We also have some fast acting, short lived plant medicines to stack if anyone is interested. On our recon mission, I will explore opportunities on site to dial in the most potent of offerings.


Recovery Flow Session

This final experience is an opportunity for everyone to fully let go, and integrate all the work that’s been done the past few days.

Robin Clements, the founder of Breathwave will lead a deeply relaxing and spiritual journey which includes bodywork, music and master facilitation.


Brent and Robin closing circle before departure

  • June 7th:
    Charles to provide any feedback, questions on agenda
  • June 8th: (is it possible to change to 9th or 10th?)
    Paisley Island Recon mission: 2pm Burrard Yacht Club
  • June 21-22(TBD):
    Possible pre event set up if required
  • June 24:
    Flow Session on Paisley 8am – 1pm