What do I need to bring?

Your open and adventurous mind Warm clothes with lots of layers Hiking equipment Yoga mat More details upon registration :)

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Okay How much?

X Camp is an all-inclusive camp, and your lodging, food, activities, and laboratory tests will all be included in the price of $3800. Book Your Spot

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How athletic do I need to be for Sky Camp?

You need to be willing and able to walk 5km along a mountain hiking trail With numerous ups and downs. If you are concerned about the physical requirements, contact us and we can talk [...]

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What will we be doing at Sky Camp?

Know that our agenda shifts as we progress through the camp. The well being and safety of the group is the utmost priority, so changes happen due to weather conditions and forecasts. See the [...]

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What is Included when staying at Sky Camp?

You get 3 healthy meals a day cooked onsite in our full serviced (except electricity) cookhouse, dining room. Hot Breakfast and dinners prepared by our team and self prepared packed lunches for the trails. [...]

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Where is Sky Camp?

Sky Camp is located on Crystal Lake, a picture perfect alpine lake set deep in the South Chilcotin mountains of BC. Its accessible by a stunning 45 min float plane flight from Whistler, BC. [...]

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I’m in! What’s next?

After you book your spot on the site, we will follow up with a phone call to introduce ourselves and make sure you are clear about what's needed and to answer any questions you [...]

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What is the agenda?

We have a basic agenda detailed in event section but you will receive more details upon registration and some of it is TOP SECRET… AND Disclaimer: We have key activities planned for your trip, [...]

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Who will be running this show?

A dedicated, capable and committed group of peeps consisting of: A Neuroscientist A Functional Medicine Doctor Mountain Guides Somatics Leader Business/Life Performance Coaches Yogis Athletes Generally,  you will be guided by people who [...]

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